Traditional dishes from Novara, revisited and made lighter in a modern key.

Raw materials produced by us

Our strength is the use of non commercial products from the farm. We have a specific area for our animals a few kilometres away for their wellbeing. We breed Piedmontese Fassone cattle and Saanen goats, as well as hens, ducks, mallards and geese. We take full advantage of our land with the fruit trees and the orchards, from the hazelnut grove to brown onions, to safeguard Slow Food.

Our cheeses

Our history began with four goats and one cow called Camilla that my best friend gave me for my birthday. She is our company’s symbol. Our animals’ milk is nearly all used within the farm. During the period of lactation we reach daily production of 50 litres of cow’s milk and about a hundred litres of goat’s milk.

Our cuisine? A balance between substance and beauty

We increasingly design the dishes we are about to present. Our recipes first of all speak of quality, then of substance and finally of beauty by also involving in the tasting experience the elements of sight and touch, followed by innovation, without losing its authenticity. From our international experiences we bring home new ideas to adopt in our dishes. For us our cuisine is almost a mission more than a job.


Receptions for up to seventy people with the possibility of taking advantage of the outdoor spaces and personalizing the menu according to the products from the territory. Here are some of the events that you can organize at La Capuccina, at lunch or dinner:

  • Baptisms
  • First Communions
  • Confirmations
  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Company events


Three hundred and fifty labels, all from the territory of the Upper Piedmont, also produced by us.


We have transformed our home for you into a business that is open to the world.