Three hundred and fifty labels, all from the territory of the Upper Piedmont.

Our wines

I have always been passionate about wines and the idea of offering only local labels is in line with the idea of our agritourism. Our latest investment in terms of time was precisely in my greatest passion. In 2005 we became wine makers after having bought more than four hectares of vineyard in the territory of Fara Novarese, an area that historically produces excellent wines. The clientele and the wine critics immediately rewarded us. Beautiful, fine and elegant, I am proud of our wines.

Opera 32

Opera 32 Brilliant garnet red colour, very fine to the nose, with violet notes, and hints of vanilla, liquorice and balsamic scents.


Intense purple colour, hints in the scent of red fruit and spices one of which, black pepper, stands out.


Not very intense garnet red colour, it is very fine to the nose with violet notes and balsamic hints.


We have transformed our home for you into a business that is open to the world.


Farm authenticity and Upper Piedmont traditions revisited in a modern key.